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Save Water, Drink Whiskey

While filming The African Queen in Uganda and Congo in 1950 the whole cast and crew including Katherine Hepburn became extremely ill with dysentery from drinking the water. Everybody that is, except Humphrey Bogart, who only drank from the large supply of whiskey that he had brought with him.


An editor once asked Ernest Hemingway how long it would take him to finish a paragraph. Hemingway pointed to the bottle of whiskey on his desk and said, "about an inch or two."


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Cowboys & Rodeos

Rodeo isn't just a sport, it's a lifestyle..

That's how its described by Joni Brakebill, a rodeo cowgirl on the Eastern New Mexico University rodeo team.

"It's just as competitive as any other college sport," she said, "but the investment of time, effort and money makes it a little different from anything else."

Western rodeo is comprised of real heroes, both the riders and bulls. Rodeo is about passion and living. Riders don't do it because it's dangerous or for the money. They love it and that passion shows.

The National Day of the American Cowboy campaign was founded by American Cowboy magazine in 2004 to preserve, protect and promote our cowboy and Western heritage and lobby for the passage of a national resolution designating the fourth Saturday of every July a permanent celebration on the national calendar honoring cowboys and cowgirls for their enduring contribution to the courageous, pioneering spirit of America.

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Events for Western Whiskey

 Events for Western Whiskey 
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"Gimme a whiskey."

In 1800's San Francisco, the bartender would reverently pour a shot glass, which the man would sniff deeply and then down it with a genteel murmur of pleasure.

Whiskey is the drink of both the cowboy and the classic movie star, the most admired acquired taste.

But beyond the short rock glass and infamous brands, there may be a mysterious thing or two about whisky worthwhile to discover—such as the term 'Whisky' is from the traditional Gaelic, 'uisce beatha,' meaning 'water of life.'

After all, the person who drinks whisky is intriguing to most, but the person cleverly informed about what their drinking is all the more admired.